15 Martial Arts Belt Ranks Infographic

It can be a bit difficult to know all the different martial belts and their meaning. Especially because there is a lot of variation between the different martial arts and sometimes also between the individual clubs.

The website Cykelvalg have made an awesome infographic with the belts and rankings for 15 different martial arts, which gives us a better view of what the different belts means.

But you still need to be aware that there are differences. As you for example can see for Krav Maga, there are some clubs that choose to use belts and other clubs that choose to use patches.

Another thing worth noticing is that black belt isn’t always the highest rank. For a popular sport amongst MMA fighters like BJJ, the highest ranking belt is red with a black stripe. And for others it might even be multicoloured (for example for Kung Fu). The martial arts in this infographic includes Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, Capoeira, Ju Jutsu, Judo, Karate Kyokushin, Karate Shotokan, Krav Maga Belt, Krav Maga patches, Kung Fu Lau Gar, Kung Fu Shuai Chiao, Savate, Taekwondo ITF, Taekwondo WTF, Wing Chun.

martial arts belt ranks infographics

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    This is actually not entirely accurate. Capoeira colors varies a lot with different organizations and aikido traditionally only has two colors: white and black, white is for all kyu grades and black for dan. After a certain kyu grade you get to wear hakama. Someone needs to do a bot more research.

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