Iconic MMA Moments in Recent History (2013)

The exciting sport of mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport and is constantly evolving and growing. There has been many crazy moments in the sport that has become iconic such as Royce Gracie’s introduction of BJJ to the martial arts world and Randleman slamming Fedor on his neck. There are truly many memorable moments in the history of MMA. Here is a list for some of the most iconic MMA moments in recent history.

Jose Aldo Runs into the Brazilian Crowd

After a devastating knee knockout victory at UFC 142 at Brazil Rio de Janerio, Jose Aldo stormed out the octagon and raced into the Brazilian crowd celebrating his victory in memorable fashion.


Anderson Silva Front Kicks Vitor

A match up that had all the potential for the “Venom” to take out the Middleweight King Anderson Silva. After a slow feeling out process of the first round, Anderson Silva threw a front kick to Vitor’s chin and ended the fight. An unprecedented MMA technique that no one has seen before (or noticed) was born.


The “Dragon” Crane Kicks “The Natural” and Ends his Career

2 months after the extraordinary front kick knockout blow thrown by Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida performs a flying front kick to knockout Randy Coutoure and ended his career in a stunning fashion. The front kick to the face is now a legit technique practiced and used in MMA.


First Women to Grace the UFC Octagon

Ronda Rousey and Chris Camouche makes history by entering the UFC Octagon for the first time in a Bantamweight Championship fight. The two fighters showed the world woman MMA is the real deal where they put on a fantastic performance to remember.


Retaining a Legacy: Silva Submits Sonnen with 5th round Submission

Chael stirred up one of the biggest grudge matches in MMA history by constantly talking smack against the middleweight Champion. The smack talk turned personal and even offending a whole nation. Sonnen nearly lived up to his words by beating up the champion for 4 and a half rounds until the Champ locked in a sudden leg triangle submitting Chael Sonnen in an epic fashion. Silva retains his belt and MMA legacy.


The Underdog with a Huge Bite Wins Strikeforce Grand Prix 

Daniel Cormier entered the tournament as a huge underdog replacing injured fighter Alistair Overeem. His name was unheard of until he dominated his opponents Antonio “Big Foot Silva and Josh Barnett in the tournament to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Since then, Cormier is now a title contender in the UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions.


Jon Jone’s Meteoric Rise to the Top

Jon Jones was storming threw the Lightweight Division making no challenge out of  fights with MMA veteran. No one was able to stop the young talent from the new breed of MMA fighters. Jon Jones gained the title and have defended it against top contenders. With every outings, his performance is improving and he looks better each time. Potentially one of the greatest fighters in the making.


Nick Newell Captures Gold

A stunning story of a handicapped man fighting in MMA against people without any disability. Nick Newell has shocked the world by winning a championship and creating an inspirational story in his own respect.


UFC going into China for the first time

Martial Arts started and derived from the far east of China. UFC broke into the market where it has massive potential in finding new talents and expanding the sport of MMA. Where else is a better market than a nation with 1.3 billion people and where martial art started.


Forrest Griffin vs Bonnar

The Ultimate Fighter reality show season one was a ground breaking show in itself, however the final bout to win the 6 figure contract was decided from an epic battle that drew national attention and acclaim. A fight that will be praised as one of the most memorable and important fights in UFC history.


Dan Henderson VS Mauricio “Shogun” Hua

There is no doubt this fight is one of the most epic fights in MMA history. The 2 former Light Heavyweight Champions fought in an amazing brawling fight where both side had great success.


Edson Barboza’s Spinning Wheel Kick

Edson Barboza scored a knockout with a spinning wheel kick to Terry Etim that would be used in the future highlight reels. The impressive technique will stay in the history ranking as one of the best head kick knockouts.


Brock Lesnar Wins UFC Heavyweight Title

Brock Lesnar was a huge Wrestling star before he decide to enter MMA at the age of 30 years of age. His freak athleticism and physique proved transferable when he beat top contenders in the UFC’s Heavyweight division and winning the belt after only having 4 professional MMA fights. An iconic figure to be remembered.


“Showtime” Flying Kick off the Cage

Many spectacular techniques has been showcased in MMA fights and this flying kick off the cage is another one performed by Anthony Pettis. The kick was thrown and landed at the very last seconds of a 5 round razor sharp close contested championship fight that distinctively earned Pettis the WEC lightweight belt.


“The Last Emporer” Retires

Arguably the best fighter to ever grace the MMA world retires. An iconic face of mixed martial arts known for his emotionless expressions and ferocious tenacity inside the ring, Fedor Emelianenko retired in 2012 holding a record of 35 wins 4 losses.


Wanderlei Returns to Japan and wins “Axe Murderer” Style

Wanderlei Silva is a living legend in the MMA world where his fame started in Japan. He was dominating the Pride middleweight division for 6 year’s and grew fans all over the world. UFC Fuel on TV 8 2013 was his dreamed return to fight in Japan again. Silva and Stann put on a monstrous battle where the Axe Murderer was able to wield his devastating style by cutting down Brian Stann with a viscous knockout victory.


Big Nog’s Pride Refuses to Tap, Mir Breaks Arm

Praised as the best heavyweight submission artist, Big Nog was put into dire situation when put into a Kimura against Frank Mir. The lock was very deep but Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira refused to tap in which case forced Mir to continue twisting the arm back, ultimately breaking the arm.


The Grudge Match Between The Iceman VS The Axe Murderer

Joe Rogan describes these two fighters as “two dogs staring at each other through a cage for a long time”. That was a great analogy that reflected the 2 fighters both at their prime, one in the UFC and the other at Pride. It was a historic moment when the two legends clashed in UFC 79.


Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell Retiring

An all time fan favourite and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell retires after an exciting career. A man who has fought exciting fights through his style and also helped build the leading MMA organisation.

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