If MMA Fighters Were Killer Animals

Like animal like fighter. Animals holds a wide range of characteristic and physical attributes that can be related to MMA fighters in a fearsome way. We will be looking at a range of deadly animals and relate fighters that share comparisons.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza – Crocrodile

Jacare is a a species of caiman found in central South America. It is also a nickname given to Ronaldo Souza for his aggressiveness and explosiveness on the mats. As a world class BJJ champion, Jacare Souza is very dangerous when in his elements, he will lock you up and draw you into deep waters. He’s even got a badass jacare imitation winning move.

jacare souza crawling

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Diego Sanchez -Wolf

A calm and collective species with a touch of mysteriousness, but when it comes to game time they become ferocious and fearless. Diego Sanchez enjoys finding peace outside of the cage being and being in touch with his spiritual side through yoga, but once in the cage, he is a fearsome animal.

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Jon ‘Bones’ Jones – Lion

Being at the top of the game is like being the king of the jungle. Living through pride and glory does not come without others wanting to take that sweet spot off you. The only way to keep what you have is to fight them off, fight off all the other hungry lions challenging you for your place. Some battles maybe easy but others will be ferocious. Jon Jones represents the king of the jungle by being the UFC light heavyweight champion.

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Travis Browne – Grizzly Bear

One of the biggest carnivores on the planet who stands tall and are also grizzly. Travis brown is just that, big heavy weight who stands 201cm tall and owns a real mean beard.

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Anderson Silva – Spider

Not only is his name coincidentally the ‘Spider’, he actually fights like one too – some will also say he fights like a Jedi. Anderson Silva has that killer attribute where he is patient, he will set feints and traps to measure his opponents to understand their speed, timing and strength and once he feels the opponent is ready to be dealt with, he’ll go straight for the kill in deadly fashion.

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Jose Aldo – King Cobrak

No brainers that King Cobra’s are highly deadly and venomous. Having developed a fearsome reputation, their abilities allows them to have great senses with distant judgment, speedy and agile movements and most of all a  accurate, precise and deadly strikes. Not naturally aggressive but when they feel is needed, they are highly aggressive. Jose Aldo possess just that type of sharpness in his movement and judgement but also he makes a blow that can end his opponents night.

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Rousimar Palhares - Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are very strong mammals who has great physical abilities. They can be very aggressive especially the grown males. When attacking another they are extremely wild where they would go for the face, the hands and feet, they will even go for the testicles. Palhares is a specimen who is one of the most feared man in the world of both MMA and BJJ not only because he is insanely strong but once he gets a hold of something, he will really go for ripping it off in wild fashion until a referee mercifully steps in to save his tapping opponents.

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Vitor Belfort – Tiger

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With a 83% finishing rate, Vitor Belfort is a known finisher. A fighter who possess natural killer instincts. His style is very tiger like. He doesn’t rush in to make any unnecessary movements, contrary, he likes to stalk his opponent and will pounce in for the kill with full aggression when he senses the opportunity.

Anaconda – Damien Maia

Damien Maia is not like the typical athletic fighter in the UFC today however he does hold his own when it comes to his strengths. As one of the best BJJ practioners in the world, Damien Maia has a squeeze like no other when holding onto an opponent or onto a submission technique. This attribute is like an anaconda where he will squeeze and squeeze and squeeze its prey to it’s death.

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Clay Guida – Wolverine

Wolverine’s are armed with powerful jaws, sharp claws, a thick hide and are remarkably strong for their size. They have a reputation for their ferocity and tenacity where its documented that they would kill preys much larger than themselves. Clay Guida is not the biggest in the world of MMA but he is strong, ferocious and a great jaw to handle blows during face offs.

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Fabricio Werdum – Shark

Already a well known fighter, Fabricio Werdum is one of those fighters who will invite their opponents into his guard when hes on his back. Still, his opponents dare not. Being in Werdum’s element is a scary thought, like being in the deep ocean with a sharks.

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Roy Nelson – Hippo

Ha, who would’ve guessed Roy Nelson is a hippo because hes fat, if that’s your thoughts then no your mistaken! Hippo’s are very unassuming based on their astute appearance but this underestimation can be terribly fatal. Not only do they possess sheer size, it also packs a killer punch that can literally leave a hole in you. They are one of the most dangerous animals in the world and are very aggressive. Roy Nelson’s physical ability can be surprising and he has a hippos bite for a right hand.

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TJ Dillashaw – Hawk

These birds are highly agile with ariel acrobatic abilities. They have great eyesight and are highly efficient hunters. The attributes of a hawk easily reflects TJ Dillashaw’s impressive record for having one of the most significant strikes landed per minute, significant striking accuracy and low level of significant strikes absorbed per minute in the UFC. Like a hawk, TJ Dillashaw lands with efficiency and is hard to be touched.

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Johny Hendricks - Rhinoceros Beetle

As one of the pound for pound strongest animals in the world (perhaps not necessarily deadly to humans), a rhinoceros beetle is remarkably strong with the ability to lift something 850 times their own weight. UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendrick has a stocky structure and is known for his strength. Having one of the best wrestling credential in MMA, Johny Hendricks has the ability like a rhinoceros beetle to lift, throw and flip opponents at will.

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Lyoto Machida – Komodo Dragon

Okay, there’s not many characteristics between Lyoto Machida and a komodo dragon but if there is anyone that should be related to a deadly animal with a dragon name, then Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida should be the one.

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Pitbull – Thiago Alves

Not sure exactly why so many MMA fighters have the nickname pitbull, but for me personally, the original pitbull is Thiago Alves. Yes you may also say Andre Arlovski is also called the pitbull and he is a former UFC champion however Thiago Alves is stocky like a pitbull and has more of a bite in his ability. For that reason he is the original pitbull.

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 Bob Sapp – Silverback Gorilla

Last but not least if Bob Sapp was a deadly animal, then theirs no doubt he is a silverback gorilla. His sheer size is purely intimidating standing at 200cm and weighing 350 lbs with bulging shoulder muscles the size of a water melon reflects just like a gorilla. A gorilla is one of the strongest animals in the world that can sometimes lift 2000kg or equivalent to 30 humans. Bob Sapp holds that beastly presence and have shown inhuman like power many times in the ring.

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Can you relate any MMA fighters to deadly animals? If so leave your thoughts under the comments below.

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